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Allow The Pride March! Everyone Has a Right to Be Happy! The National Movement One Thing You Can Do Right Now Your right matters.
Treat everyone the same !
Welcome To Annual Humanum Festival

Let's Stand Together for Humanum

We advocate for the equal treatment of people of all races, religions and ethnicities, as well as funding for federal programs that address all kinds of problems in these groups.

Humanity has no gender or race! Discrimination, stereotyping and bias can lead to exclusion and marginalization of religious or racial and ethnic minorities. It’s the 21st-century, equality for everyone!!!

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Our Struggle

Racial interrelations has a long and complicated history in the United States. According to psychological researches prejudice and discrimination problems still exist in American society.

Even people who think they’re not racist may have unconscious thoughts that can sometimes lead to discriminatory behaviors. However, the research also shows that contact between people of different racial backgrounds can reduce stereotyping and prejudice.

We need to speak about the problem of discrimination because many of us do not even think that the problem still exists in the 21 century.

Our Speakers

This year’s lineup features a variety of speakers who are ready to talk about all the types of discrimination and ways to stop them. Gender, racial and orientation equality is guaranteed at our festival.


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