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Collaborative Research Project for MA-Students Online Encyclopaedia
Practices of
Be Part of the ongoing Research Journey with Senior Scholars
Research not only on violence Understanding
Illuminate your understanding of the basics
The Collaborative Online Ecyclopaedia for MA-Students Practices of
Take Part in the Research Journey with Senior Scholars

Get involved in theOnline Research Encyclopedea

Practices of Violence is a digital space where MA-students get the opportunity to work through a real-life research-process. Mentored by senior scholars, students document, analyse, and discuss practices of (collective) violence.  

This way they help build a collaborative plattform that provides resources like an introduction into practice theory and violence research including relevant bibliographies and links. From that starting point the publications arose. For more click here.

Dear Teachers,

Dear Students,

Motivating students works in many ways. A publication during the studies is one of them. We know that research is never a one-man show. Nevertheless, seminars are often designed in exactly this way. Students attend seminars and turn in a paper at the end. This is graded and disappears into the archives. In this case, you give students the opportunity to write a paper, review it with you, and finally publish it here at the end. 

Care for some scientists’ fame? Are you interested in another ending to your research than only a grade? Well, here you can be part of a collaborative research project. You can propose it to your teachers or chose a topic in your seminar that fits your teacher as well as the enzyclopedia. In the end what you take with you is a published paper, that you can cite and let be cited. 

For details please feel free to contact us.

First things first.

Practices & Violence

In order to be precice in ones research, clarifying what exactly we are talking about is inevitable.

Why It Is Important

Student-Authors' Comments:

Let's just say: this was the first time felt like I was actually learning how to do research.
Student Ma-Social Sciences