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Take Part in the Research Journey with Senior Scholars

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Practices of Violence is a digital space where MA-students get the opportunity to work through a real-life research-process. Mentored by senior scholars, students document, analyse, and discuss practices of (collective) violence.  

With their case studies they help build a collaborative plattform that also contains other resources.

Dear Teachers,

Dear Students,

Motivating students works in many ways. A publication during the studies is one of them. We know that research is never a one-man show. Nevertheless, seminars are often designed in exactly this way. Students attend seminars and turn in a paper at the end. This is graded and disappears into the archives. On this platform on the other hand, you give students the opportunity to write a paper, review it with you, and finally publish it here at the end. 

Care for some scientists’ fame? Are you interested in another ending to your research than only a grade? Well, here you can be part of a collaborative research project. You can propose it to your teachers or chose a topic in your seminar that fits your teacher as well as the enzyclopedia. In the end what you take with you is a published paper, that you can cite and let be cited. 

For details please feel free to contact us.


Who is behind this project?

Christian Gudehus is a senior scholar at the Institute of International Law of Peace and Armed Conflict and teaches at the faculty of social science, both at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum. Generously and unbureaucratically funded by the RUB’s Forschendes Lernen programme, he launched the project in 2020. So far, he has mentored students from the RUB as well as from University College Maastricht.

The Encyclopaedia aims to allow students to go through a real-life research process – from the beginning to the end.

Why It Is Important

Student-Authors' Comments:

"Let's just say: I am a MA-Student and have already studied for some quite time. But this was the very first time I went through a real-life scientific process - including all ups and downs while having the privilege of being actively supervised by a senior scholar."
"I can recommend contributing to the Practices of Violence online encyclopedia to anyone who enjoys contributing to a modern project in a multi-professional team."
"In summary, the seminar culture was coined by ongoing feedback on my work which made me even more open for constructive critique and helped me to deal productively with tasks set at short notice."
"I found the development of the contributions to be demanding and challenging, but equally exciting and supportive due to the learning of a new method."
"I especially benefited from the close (collective) work on various materials and the structured supervision through that variety."